BERLIN & Dubai



Emirates ambition was to translate their “Hello Tomorrow” brand positioning from a travel choice and mover of people to a lifestyle choice, connecting people to opportunities and improving quality of life globally.


Pulse sought to expand the Emirates presence, moving from direct messaging to an immersive experience, allowing visitors to interact directly with the prestigious Emirates brand.


Using the “Infinite Possibilities” of a Mobius form, Pulse created a three-storey expression of the brand, including interactive screens, a VR experience and an exclusive Meeting Management System for VIP meetings.


51% Increase in Footfall
Engagement in Experiences 18,071
Live Days 9
Award Winner Best Exhibition Experience, Event Magazine 2016
Award Winner Best AR/ VR Stand Experience, Event Technology Award 2016

Pulse Showreel

"What can I say I am speechless. It’s a very nice stand. Above my expectations as it reflects Emirates ambitions and our customers loved it. All that we heard were great things about it. It’s a great piece of work!"

Boutros Boutros Divisional Senior VP, Corporate Communications, Marketing and Brand